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Are there other finishes than those offered on your site?

Yes, there are several finishes such as silver, antique silver, bronze patina, multiple shades of gold and many others. These treatments are per request and the price varies depending on their complexity and rarity of the metal.

Could I have a shorter spout, a taller mirror, or an accessory not listed in your catalog?

Yes. We have a team dedicated to "custom made" items. When appropriate, they could even create an item straight from your imagination or work with a specific theme to match your decor.

Is your manufacturing entirely French?

Every fitting is made entirely in our factory located in the Picardie region of France and our brass massive and lead-free alloy is formed according to our requirements to ensure durability and a finish that we are continuously improving.

Are all of your models registered?

Yes. All Volevatch models have been registered with the WIPO and are protected by the international law on the protection of patents and intellectual property.

Are all of your products on the website?

No, we’ve only listed a selection of items, but you can contact us for a complete catalog.

Do you only distribute your products?

All fittings, accessories, heated towel rails and washstands are “Serge Volevatch” creations. Our fixtures however are produced in Europe by artisanal factories and carefully controlled. They were selected for their rarity, design and high quality materials.

If I cannot find a distributor in my area or my country, who should I contact?

You can directly contact Volevatch S.A. in Paris, by calling 0033 155 782 242 and our sales manager will advise you. In any case, we deliver worldwide. In fact, we have chosen to restrict the number of distributors in order to insure an exclusive quality of service. Please do not hesitate to send your comments regarding this service to our email address: info@volevatch.fr. This will undoubtedly help us to improve.

Do you install your products?

No, but we have a list of approved installers whose seriousness and quality make them valuable and extremely reliable partners. However, we would be pleased to answer any technical questions.

What is your production time?

We manufacture all of our products to order and it takes 4 weeks for delivery. For more specific products, such as the “Jonas” shower or customized items, delivery time may vary.

What is the difference between a mixer faucet, a mechanical mixing valve (or "single lever") and a thermostatic mixing valve?

  • A mixer faucet is a faucet with a hot water valve, a cold water valve, and a single spout. The water is blended in the valve body according to the degree of the openings of the two faucets.
  • A mechanical mixing valve or "single lever" allows the regulation of water temperature and flow through a single lever. This lever is used: either alone—associated with a spout, and/or a shower, and/or a showerhead (maximum of two outflows accompanied by a reverser)—or directly incorporated into a faucet. The latter is called a "single lever" faucet.
  • A thermostatic mixing valve is a lever that allows constant temperature regulation, but does not regulate the flow and the shutting-on or -off of a shower or spout. Therefore, it must be connected to a faucet.

How do I maintain my faucets and my faience?

  • Do not use powder or effervescent products
  • Never use abrasive materials
  • Never allow contact with stripping products used in treating tiles with treated surfaces.

For shiny and matte nickel:

  • For regular maintenance, use a neutral pH household soap and scrub with a soft brush (old toothbrush), then rinse and dry
  • For stubborn stains, use a Volevatch cloth
  • For scale, soak in diluted white vinegar and rinse thoroughly with cold water. Then clean and shine with a Volevatch cloth. Be careful not to soak for too long.
  • The overuse of cleaning products will eventually make satin nickel less matte.

For brass:

  • For stubborn stains, use a product such as Brasso or a Volevatch cloth to restore luster to polished brass
  • For scale, soak in diluted white vinegar while carefully monitoring the effects of the vinegar, which will dissolve the lime but oxidize the brass at the same time. Once the lime is removed, polish with a Volevatch cloth or a product such as Brasso to renew the shine.
  • On brass and bronze, scale could add a pleasant patina effect and provide protection against other aggressive chemicals.

For gold:

  • Never use abrasive materials
  • Never use a copper cleaning product such as Brasso
  • Use neutral pH liquid household soap with a sponge and rinse thoroughly, then wipe with a soft cloth.

For faience:

  • Never use harsh products such as those containing bleach. Frequently clean your articles with household soap.

Stains appeared on my faucet?

Be very careful with floor cleaning products, particularly those used to remove cement grout, which contain extremely aggressive agents such as acid. Their vapor alone could oxidize the finish of your faucets, even when protected in a box, leaving your faucets looking dull and stained.